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    OCTOBER 6th 2014

    Warring States Tactics has been released to Early Access! 

    Warring States Early Access

    We're looking to get community feedback for the game as we enter the final phase of development. We'd like to hear what you think of the missions, gameplay, balancing, mechanics etc as we approach completion. 

    Head on over to the Feedback forum for Warring States with anything you've got to say. 

    Early Access comes with a lower price tag on the game, and access to direct feedback discussions with us. The lower price tag reflects the unfinished game, as well as the fact that you're helping us out with the release of this game. Thank you. 

    If you're not interested in Early Access that's fine, and we'll see the rest of you when the game is out at the end of this year :)


    JANUARY 23rd 2014

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    DECEMBER 12th 2013

    The gameplay is focused on individual battles. The single player will take you through Qin's conquest of China. In single-player you will be Qin only. Multi-player will have all the factions and will have differences :)