Warring States Tactics

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The Game


About Warring States : Tactics

Warring States : Tactics is a turn-based battle strategy game set during the Warring States period of Ancient China.

The Warring States period is one of turmoil in China, where various feudal states struggle for control of all of China. Lead the forces of Qin through numerous historically-based missions as they challenge the other states for supremacy. 

The story is told between missions as dialogue cut-scenes using beautifully drawn character portraits; as well as in game dialogue relevant to the battle at hand. 

Also included is a fully composed soundtrack, which really helps bring the feeling of Ancient China to the game's atmosphere. 


  • 15 Single-player Story Missions

  • 12 Single-player/Multi-player Battle maps (vs Humans or AI)

  • 2-4 Player Local and Online Multi-player

  • Original Soundtrack composed with the actual sounds of classical Chinese musical instruments

  • Hex-based / Turn-based (IGOUGO) combat

  • Unique Tactical Point system: Earn Tactical Points for making sound tactical decisions (flanking, spears vs cavalry, defending high ground, etc.) and spend them on devastating special moves

  • 18 Special Moves

  • Siege Warfare: Assault castle walls with siege towers or destroy their gates with powerful battering rams

  • In depth terrain mechanics across 4 different environments

  • No Building: Focus entirely on the combat and tactical choices 


  • Genre: Strategy, Tactics

  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

  • Players: Single-player, 2-4 Multi-player (Local/Online)


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